Arctic King Crab fishing at Kirkenes, Finland


Arctic King Crab fished out of a frozen fjord at Kirkenes, Finland.

We’re going to need a bigger pot! And…it’s HEAVY!

Did you know the Arctic King Crab, a highly sought after delicacy around the world, can grow 1.8 metres in length and weigh up to 15 kg!!!!

Well, here I was in Finland, travelling at speed across a frozen fjord in a sledge to catch, cook and eat the mouth-watering crustacean.   An unforgettable experience that is right up there on the “best time ever” list.

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The welcoming front door of the Snowhotel, Kirkenes, Finland.

Snoozing on Snowhotel Ice Beds in Finland

Sleeping on Ice at the Snowhotel, Kirkenes

With a stomach still full of freshly cooked Arctic King Crab, our next stop was the Snowhotel, Kirkenes.

Here the promise was to spend a luxurious night on an “ice bed!” 

DID YOU KNOW – a new Snowhotel is built in November each year at Kirkenes for visitors arriving for the ice-bed experience in December to April? Then…it’s just rolled into the river to melt until the construction starts all over again the following November.

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