Pelicans and Baby Boomers – a Comparison!

Percy Penguin surveying his kingdom. Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Queensland Australia.

Australian Pelican surveying his kingdom at Tangalooma Island Resort.

Poem for Pelicans

“Wonderful birds are pelicans
Their bills will hold more than their belican.
They can take in their beak
Food enough for a week,
But I’m damned if I see how they helican.”

Ok, so I haven’t been around the world yet checking out all varieties of pelicans.  But…as Baby Boomer age has arrived, I find myself relating to the antics of the fascinating varieties I have met.  (Please note this isn’t an Ornithological report just a ramble of observations!)

However – the poem is actually right.

A pelican’s pouch near its bill will indeed hold more than its belly. The pouch will hold up to three gallons (14 litres) of water, whereas its stomach will only hold about one gallon (4.5 litres)

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Electric E-spresso Charged Bike by Merida

Huge parrot (artwork) admiring the Merida E-spresso (electric) City 510 bike.

Artwork of a huge parrot admiring the bike.

The offer to test-ride an electric bike was a dream come true.  The Merida E-Spresso City 510, powered with its Bosch motor, is amazing and will wow everyone, whatever age and fitness level.

Calling all City workers!

This electric bike is perfect for commuting. On arriving at work, whatever distance cycled, there’s no need for a shower and refresh. Just park the E-Spresso bike near your work station then head to the coffee machine for your other Espresso fix!   A fortune can be saved on registration, fuel and parking and the added health benefits through exercise are a bonus.  Continue Reading