Pelicans and Baby Boomers – a Comparison!

Percy Penguin surveying his kingdom. Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Queensland Australia.

Australian Pelican surveying his kingdom at Tangalooma Island Resort.

Poem for Pelicans

“Wonderful birds are pelicans
Their bills will hold more than their belican.
They can take in their beak
Food enough for a week,
But I’m damned if I see how they helican.”

Ok, so I haven’t been around the world yet checking out all varieties of pelicans.  But…as Baby Boomer age has arrived, I find myself relating to the antics of the fascinating varieties I have met.  (Please note this isn’t an Ornithological report just a ramble of observations!)

However – the poem is actually right.

A pelican’s pouch near its bill will indeed hold more than its belly. The pouch will hold up to three gallons (14 litres) of water, whereas its stomach will only hold about one gallon (4.5 litres)

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Orphaned Baby Elephants Tug at the Heart Strings, Nairobi

Baby Elephants Tug at the Heart Strings, Nairobi

Baby Elephants run towards their milk bottles at lunchtime. Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi, Kenya. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

On the march for the milk at lunchtime.

How travel broadens the mind. In this case having dinner with other trekkers who asked if we’d seen the baby elephants at Sheldrick Elephant and Wildlife Orphanage in Nairobi.

No, we hadn’t but were super keen. What better way to finish off the incredible and humbling Wildlife Safari we had just finished with World Expeditions.  This had taken us through the Ngorongoro Crater and national parks of Tarangire and Lake Manyara.  We’d enjoyed close encounters with herds of elephants but the chance to see large numbers of baby orphans was exciting.

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Parade of King Penguins – Salisbury Plains, Antarctica

Watching thousands of King Penguins going about their daily lives, many weighing in at around 15kg and standing around 1m high, is “a once seen never forgotten” experience.

King Penguin adult and chicks at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia, Antarctica.

C’mon kids – it’s time to go shopping.

On a 24 day small group photography tour to Antarctica in 2013, the days were exciting and diverse.   Antarctica – the White Continent – is definitely one of those “see before you die” places and Joe Van Os is the man to take you there.

One of many amazing days started with a zodiac landing at Salisbury Plains. Also known as the Jewel in the Crown of South Georgia and home to some 100,000 pairs of breeding King Penguins.

Our disappointment at not calling into St Andrew’s Bay the previous day because of bad weather was overcome the instant we were chatting with these Salisbury Plains residents. (Although watching hundreds of King Penguins porpoising around the ship the day had kept everyone entertained.)

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