Bocce Mania While Cruising the Pacific Ocean

Bocce Balls waiting to be picked up on the Lawn - 15th deck of Celebrity Solstice

Bocce balls ready and waiting.

Lots of you have cruised at some stage, and I’m betting are keen to go again?

But…have you played Bocce on REAL GRASS in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?  No land in sight for as far as the eye can see – just you, your partner (or team), Bocce balls and a Jack (the small while ball) for company.

Oh, then there’s the Sunset Bar next to the bocce green with happy bar staff always ready to put a glass in your hand up there on the 15th deck of the Celebrity Solstice.

Wait – there’s  more.  The half acre of thick green lawn boasts regular Hot Glass Blowing displays and movies.

Ah, a picnic on the grass while watching a movie at sea – is this heaven or what?

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You’ll never ever know, if you never ever go.