A Cruise Director’s Daily Life on the Ocean

Interview with Liam Ryan, Cruise Director of Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice tendered in Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand. www.gypsyat60.com

Celebrity Solstice tendered in Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand.

Finding myself sailing to New Zealand as a guest on board the magnificent Celebrity Solstice (courtesy of Travelat60) I was curious to find out what “a day in the life of a Cruise Director” involved.

After all this person (Liam) was faced with keeping 2,800 passengers happy with every activity, music genre and form of entertainment known to man for 14 days.  Tough gig!

Being part of the Media Team (yes ME!) on the ship, my thinking was – as the older generation are the largest (not physically) group of cruisers to be entertained,  I could find out how this man handled this weight on his young shoulders.

What a great interview it was – Liam’s fun personality was so infectious.   I’d watched his long legged moves around the table tennis table the day before when competing against passengers and constantly had tears of laughter rolling down my face.

Anyway, back to the interview….

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Cruising Behind the Scenes on a Cruise Ship

Inside Access Tour Lanyard to find out the secrets of the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship. www.gypsyat60.com

Lanyard to access the secrets of a cruise ship.

I’ve always wanted to go on a “behind the scenes” tour of a floating city (AKA cruise ship) but until now, for whatever reason, just haven’t.

Let me tell you, best value for money ever!  (Although I must admit I had the good fortune to be a guest of Travelat60 on-board the majestic Celebrity Solstice that whisked us away from Hobart to Auckland.)

When tour day arrived, I headed off, official lanyard round my neck with fingers crossed that the Captain would offer me the chance to steer the ship!

For two mindboggling hours we learnt the ins and outs of how 1,250 officers and crew deliver a safe and memorable holiday/cruise for 2,800 passengers.  (A really tough call at times).

From the Bridge, Engine Room, Laundry, Galleys, Restaurants, Environment and Recycling, and of course the astronomical amount of food and alcohol purchased, was explained in detail.  Absolutely riveting information.