Discover Singapore the RIDE way – on two wheels!

Singapore by pedal power is a great way to see this amazing colourful modern city that’s packed with history, culture, and iconic buildings.   You’ll find this clean and green city an ideal stopover when travelling from OZ to far flung destinations on the other side of the world.

Quick stop on bike tour, Singapore, at the Helix Bridge.

The Helix Bridge

Cycling in Singapore

My tip is to go on a morning tour because it rains nearly every afternoon all year round.   Also, the upside of cycling in a small group with a guide is the sharing of local knowledge and current interest topics.   A brochure has its limits!

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The Magic Tree at Scarborough Beach, Queensland

Calling all parents and grandparents who have little people interested in magic…

In my own backyard of Scarborough Beach, Moreton Bay Region– there’s a magic tree.  This comes in the shape of an ancient Norfolk Pine that is well  is worth a visit with your little people.

Reliable chatter has it Gollum and his team of Hobbits have taken up residence behind a medieval door in the base of the ancient tree!

Magic Tree (Home to Lord Gollum and his Hobbits) Scarborough Beach, Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia.www.gypsyat60.comThis is a Magic Tree! 

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Snapshot of Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Vietnam

Snapshot – Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Vietnam

Office of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

OK, so this post is written through the eyes of a boomer on a cruise ship meaning you only get a thumbnail sketch of places visited.   Having said that, it was ample time to get a taste of Ho Chi Minh City (previously Saigon), Vietnam and its culture.

With a great guide called “Foo” and feeling like millionaires (our wallets were loaded with 2,700,000 Dong (the local currency equal to $US100) we headed off to explore the city.

NB – Foo also doubled as the driver’s assistant. His task was to direct traffic so the bus could get through roads clogged with motorbikes!

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Cycling the Ancient Appian Way in Rome

Cycling the Ancient Appian Way in Rome

Riding along the ancient Appian Way where the stones weren't so rough as other parts of the 2,300 road.

Riding along the ancient Appian Way – stones not so rough on this stretch.

Just for one day we were 19th century time-travellers exploring the beauty of ancient Appian Way on push bikes away from the city mayhem.

After five intense, but exciting, sight-seeing days in Rome a cycle along the 2,300 year old cobblestones of the Appian Way was a welcome diversion to clear the cobwebs away.

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Gypsy’s A-Z of Travel Tips

Gypsy’s A-Z of Top Travel Tips 

Donkeys in Nepal carrying loads for people on treks.

Top Travel Tip – travel light otherwise you’ll feel like a packhorse.

“Never look at your passport photo,  because you’ll feel too ill to travel”.



Advice given by an Osteopath Surgeon – “beware of airport carousels”.  In other words, don’t just wrench your suitcase off the conveyor belt and pull a tendon off the bone!  The bags will come around again if you miss them the first time.

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Climbing the Medieval Walls of Kotor, Montenegro

Looking up to St John's Fort from Kotor Town, Montenegro. There are 1,350 odd shaped steps to climb which takes about 2 hours round trip.

Medieval wall climb – from Kotor town up to St John’s Fort. 

If ever you are lucky enough to be on a Mediterranean cruise that calls into the small medieval city of Kotor, Montenegro, a climb up to the old St John’s Fort (aka Castle of San Giovanni) is a must.  For two reasons – the incredibly outstanding views and much needed exercise after being on the ship!  (I call this a climb, but other say it’s a “huff and puff” hike…only one way for you to find out!)

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Monte Carlo – Visit the Rich and Famous

Monte Carlo Harbour

The Pristine waters and million dollar yachts at Monte Carlo Harbour, Monaco.

Arriving at Monte Carlo Harbour, Monaco

Sailing into Monte Carlo Harbour, Monaco, under early sunny skies was magical.  The deep blue colour of harbour waters are pristine and you understand why this coastline is named the Coté d ’Azure.

Bring it on for a day mingling with the rich and famous! (Well, maybe not mingling, just using a good imagination.)

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